Smart-Surfacing by MindCache

Instant Answers

From Trusted Data

Focused Attention:

Without the Mess

In today's world we have information, lot's of it. Being able to find the right pieces at the right time can be overwhelming.You need the latest and greatest, from sources you trust.

MindCache enables your customers, employees, and other VIP's to quickly access and understand the deluge of data. We offer companies peace of mind, knowing that data is accurate, fresh, and safe from prying eyes.

Our solutions reduce response times, improve support outcomes, and educate sales teams.

At MindCache.io, we'll find the needles in haystacks, so your teams can focus on success.

Consumer Solutions


Chrome & Brave Browser

Windows & MacOS

Want to preserve your Browser Bookmarks, Open Tabs, and other data in a way you'll actually be able to find them?

We're bringing the pages you've long forgotten back to the surface at just the right time, without the clutter.

Secure Enterprise


On-Premises/Private Cloud

Internal Intelligence

MindCache Smart-Surfacing empowers your teams to find answers and respond faster, while always using the newest information.

Leverage the power of Hybrid Search, either on-prem or in a private cloud.

It's AI without the security risk.

Customized Integrations

Custom Data

Internal business data is funky.

MindCache Services deliver custom trained, fine-tuned results, with ongoing evaluation to track precision, accuracy, and recall.



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